T- Coat ©

TissX Coating technologies are used in a variety of market applications. Cardiac, Neuro, Peripheral, Structural Heart and Gastroenterology

T-Coat  was developed with leading experts in surface coating with best practices of proven coatings. This hydrophilic coating chemistry has established clinical experience and is compliant with ISO 10993, and USP regulations for Medical Applications.

Technology Specs

  • Two Part Adhesive process
  • Biostable
  • Durable
  • Sterilizable Liquid Chemical, EO and Gamma
  • UV cured
  • Tunable to adhere to Polymeric and Metallic surfaces

Technology Services

Our technologists can help you throughout the coating process, from feasibility to operational development, and even to aid thorough the commercialization phase. We can provide support with Regulatory, Operations, DV testing, Analytical and Surface Characterization, Bio Compatibility, Sterilization and QC.

We have experience coating challenging devices and small volume development stage devices.


TISSX Objective and Advantage

We have taken on coating as a necessity to support our ongoing client base. With the objective to make available Quality coating solutions, to answer the question

 Is there an efficient and cost-effective coating to apply to my device?

YES (We have worked hard to develop T-Coat, from the device development perspective thus we are uniquely positioned to rapidly, cost effectively deliver a coating as a positive attribute of your device not a complicating additional part)