What we do

TissX™ sources, manufactures, and supplies a variety of tissue products and services for cardiac, vascular and other specialty surgical applications. Our goal is to provide highest quality affordable tissue products worldwide. We develop and manufacture products including fixed tissue pericardial patches and heart valve repair products. TissX™ also works with corporations to source and supply tissue, providing OEM services and collaborative efforts for the development of tissue bioprosthetics.


From concept to proof of design the TissX™ team each with 20+ years of experience in the medical device industry can help you find the best solution for your new medical device therapy. Fixed tissue products available utilizing USA based Abattoirs & porcine or bovine pericardium host tissue. Our processes and materials utilize the best harvesting practices (ISO 22442) and have extensive characterization data testing on file (including ISO 10993 Biocompatibility and Mechanical testing).

Our Services .

  • Bovine Pericardial Patches
  • Porcine Pericardial Patches
  • Porcine full roots, valves, & leaflet cusps
  • Processed to fit your specifications
  • Shaped to Fit Your Design Application
  • Specialty Processing Available

Biological Tissue

  • The development of percutaneous cardiac valves (aortic, mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary)
  • The development of surgically implanted cardiac valves
  • Pericardial Patches and other tissue for surgical, vascular and other applications
  • Functional components for structural heart disease treatment and other vascular uses.

Clean Room

  • ISO 13485 compliant and Notified Body approved
  • Hard wall, Class 7 clean room
  • Separate Chemical Processing area

Onsite Autoclave

  • On Site autoclave and chemical sterilization
  • Ample bench, lab, manufacturing, office space with room for expansion including additional clean room capacity
  •  Skilled technicians with experience in assembly and prototyping of cardiac devices